NAILS Magazine - September 2014

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Features in this Issue

Meet This Year's Top 12

We're back for a second year of our wildly popular nail art competition.  In the ened only one will remain standing.  Who will be NAILS Next Top Nail Artist?

The Suite Life

If you're tired of being limited as a booth renter or salon employee, the freedom of salon suite rental just might be right for you.

The Colorful Palate

In the restaurant business they say white dishes make the best canvas to show off a beautiful dish.  The same can be said for this season's new nail colors.  The lovely palette -- from crimson to cocoa, teal to tangerine, and moss to mulberry -- looks good enough to eat.

Quick-Time Mani

Salon owners are adding faster-than-usual manicure services to their menus to meet the needs of busy clients.

One-Hue Muse

Monochromatic nail art features designs containing variations of a single clor to create optical effects.  Take cues from these nail artists and discover inspiration behind multi-toned manicures.


Step-by-steps from Essie and Bio Seaweed Gel

Signature Services

Step-by-steps for a Heavenly Bliss Manicure and a Keratin Gloves Manicure.

Mad About Plaid

Step-by-step instructions for a nail art design that fuses Japanese style with an embellished finish from international nail artist Masako Sasaki.

Boutique: Makeup

Nothing goes hand-in-hand with polish quite like makeup.  Stock up or add to your existing retail makeup offerings with these products.

Best Social Marketing Tips

We asked, you answered.  What's your best social media marketing tip?

Salon Profile

Longtime flight attendent Holly Kalil offers first class treatment for the price of coach in her retro airline-themed nail salon in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Something to Talk About: UV Light Exposire

Even after all the research confirms they're safe, UV lamps still cause concern among clients.  Let's talk about what you can do to ease their fears.

Chemist's Corner: Quick Dry Drops and Sprays

Client of the Month: The Nail Biter

Emotional Intelligence


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