NAILS Magazine - September 2009

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How to Remove a Stain

This fall’s polish preview, puts a modern spin on the classics 1950s “how to be a better housewife” tips, with practical tips for stain removal! Using the fall polish collectors pick the colors you’d like to spill all over your clients’ fingers and toes! (No stain removal necessary.)

Color Captivated

Ever notice how certain colors can brighten up skin tones and complement them perfectly, while other ones just fall flat? There is a long history of color theory and cosmetics, and once you learn a little about how colors work, you can make chic polish recommendations and get clients color-captivated.

Social Networking for Nail Techs

You’ve likely heard the buzz about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking sites NAILS gives you the lowdown on which sites can help you build your business and how to get started.

A Little Time(line)

Feel like you could stand to sharpen up on your liquid-and-powder application times? Then check out the timeline breakdown from four experienced pros and compare your own personal bests (and maybe find a new technique or two along the way).

Step-by-steps from EZ Flow and Estelina

Signature Services: a Lemon Drop Pedicure

Midnight Flowers    

CND educator Tammi Merritt demos her technique for creating eye-catching 3-D blooming black floral nails.

A Little Privacy, Please    

Salon owners share how they created privacy in their salons without actual walls – using drapes, dividers, or whatever else was at their disposal.

Living the Dream    

Fantasizing about being a celebrity manicurist? Break into the industry with this handy guide to finding an agent for freelance work.

Boutique: Shoe Accessories    

Stock up on shoe accessories to enhance you clients’ footwear comfort

Reader to Reader: What is your best salon-related organizational tip?

How Young Is Too Young?    

Are enhancements appropriate for any age bracket? We asked techs: What is your policy when it comes to putting enhancements on teens?

Salon Profile: Under owner Misha Parharn’s direction My Sassy Nail Spa in Washington D.C. has come to specialize in parties that include martinis, pole dancing, and tattoos.

What is Alopecia Areata?   

Because Alopecia Areata can appear on the nails, techs should be aware o this emotional, and often life-altering disease.

Sclerotherapy Improves the Look of Aging Hands    

Dermatologists are successfully using sclerotherapy – a longstanding treatment to spider veins – to improve the appearance of aging hands.

5 Ways to Market Your Green Salon    

How do your clients know about your commitment to going green?

NAILS Magazine - September 2009