NAILS Magazine - September 2008

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Show Coverage: Premiere Orlando and IBS Las Vegas

Snapshots from tow of the industry biggest and best trade shows. From demos and new products to classes and competitions, NAILS brings you info from the front lines.

Rock the [Nail Product] Vote

The president isn’t the only thing you’ll be voting on this fall. NAILS announces 2008 Readers’ Choice Awards nominees. It’s for you to vote!

Mining for Color

Just as molten magma crystallizes into stunning gemstones, watch with held breath as the fiery new fall polish colors transform into a dazzling array of gems before your eyes. Diamonds, rubies, amethysts and more are yours for the choosing this rich season. Join NAILS in this exploration of the depths of color.

Prepared for Repairs?

You hope your brand new salon equipment will work like a dream and require little to no maintenance, and last until you’ve simply outgrown it. But it doesn’t always happen this way. So what do you do? We’ve put together a quick guide on common ailments for salon equipment, and instruct you on the best course for getting them repaired.

The Right Response

We can daydream all we want about what we would like to say, but finding the right response for hard-to-please clients is the better choice – and ultimately yields more satisfying results. Learn our suggestions to placate common complainers.

A Relative Newcomer Takes Top Spot

Ever since she first started competing three years ago, Lynn Lammers has wanted to be number one – and this year she made it.

Step-by-steps from SpaRitual and Trind Cosmetics

Signature Services: a Cranberry Pedicure

Henna Done Easy    

Amanda Schison of Outerimages Salon in Ontario Canada, is an avid henna artist, and shows a step-by-step on one of her favorite henna designs.

Music to Your Ears    

Having trouble choosing the right music to set the tone for your salon? Real-life salon owners share the sounds that work for them in a variety of environments.

Off the Beaten Path    

Looking to add that je ne sais quoi to your salon menu? Swipe some ideas from these salons whose cool alternative services make them stand out from the competition.

Ask Miss Manicure   

The industry veteran sounds off on headaches of daily salon life

Reader to Reader: On the mornings when it’s hard to get out of bead, what do you tell yourself to motivate yourself to go to work.

Salon Profile: Tootsies is a fairy tale success story for two sisters in Denver

More Work, More Money?    

Do you charge more for a fill if it’s been longer than two weeks since the client’s last appointment?

What Are Bunions?    

How to deal with this treatable and preventable foot malady.

Nurses and Nails    

What type of nail products can healthcare workers wear?

Rumor Has It    

Educate your customer on the truth behind 10 common nail misconceptions.

Secret Ingredient: Honey, a closer look at this natural humectant.

NAILS Magazine - September 2008