NAILS Magazine - October 2014

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Features in this Issue

Tool Up

The perfect manicure is impossible to achieve without the right tools.  Browse the latest products from industry leaders for nippers, clippers, cuticle pushers, and more for a fully stocked tool set.  The implements are easy to disinfect, offer comfortable use, and have enough force to get the job done.

Online Appointment Booking Software Comparison Guide

Many nail salon clients today demand the east of booking an appointment at their convenience, 24/7.  To accommodate them, use software that lets them schedule their manicures and pedicures on their own.  Here are 14 options -- compared across features such as price, maximum number of users, and technical support availability.

Pink Products with a Purpose

Raise awareness for breast cancer this month and inspire a good deed by purchasing a couple of these pink items for your salon.

Fighting Back

One in four women and one in nine men who walk through your salon door are potential victims of domestic violence.  Read our report to find out how can you spot it and what you should do about it.

Celebrate Day of the Dead

Help your clients celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with detailed sugar skull nail art.


Step-by-steps from Pave and Gelibility.

Signature Services

Step-by-steps for a Signature Herbal Spa Manicure and a Moroccan Mint Tea Pedicure.

Behind the Scenes

Find out how to do the nails that are on this month's cover.

From Tweet to Beverly Hills

Gloria Williams, better known as Footnanny, has made a name for herself since receiving Oprah's endorsement via social media.  Now working at a salon in Beverly Hills, Calif., she reveals that the secret to her success is remembering where she comes from.

Boutique: Hometown Products

Stock your retail section with a little hometown pride.  Customers will have fun representing their favorite state, or a state they are dying to visit.  Either way, they'll enjoy showing off places they love in the good ol' U.S. of A, with these boutique items.


How do you achieve a good work/life balance?

Salon Profile

With a unique business model, fresh retail items and its own line of products, this beach-chic salon in Los Angeles creates a weekly retreat for customers.

Something to Talk About: Foot Odor

You talk to your clients about nearly everything -- but this is different.  How do you talk to a client about foot odor? Well, now we're getting personal.

Chemist's Corner: Antifungal Treatments

Client of the Month: The Hyper-Sensitive

A Day in the Life of a Nail Expert


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NAILS Magazine - October 2014