NAILS Magazine - October 2009

This issue features articles on paraffin, breast cancer awareness, and the nail tech's "ultimate toolkit." Plus, we have lots of great ideas for building your business, doing cool nail art, and working healthy. Plus new products, nail art how-tos, and our exclusive health section.


The Power of Pink

Breast cancer has touched nearly all of our lives. This October, you can raise awareness while your raise funds to battle this powerful disease. Check out these special promotions offered by your nail manufacturers to aid in the fight.

The Big Dip

Paraffin waxes are renowned for their healing and pain relieving properties. The wax was first used by doctors to help relieve arthritis pain but has since become a standard in nail salon services. Here’s a quick dip into the world of paraffin, from different warmers to proper cleaning procedures, as well as a wax roundup.

Lynn Lammers is once again NAILS top competitor. With a whopping 117 points, Lammers has reclaimed her #1 status from last year. Coming in second was Odyssey’s Trang Nguyen, and in third was England’s Kristy Meakin.

The Ultimate Nail Tech Toolkit

“Toolkits” don’t always have to include hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers (which, coincidentally, all have a way of ruining the nails you work so hard to protect). NAILS presents the ultimate guide to implements specifically for nail techs, plus a handy list of manufacturers that will help you complete your own collection.

Step-by-step demos from Dashing Diva and Nailite Signature Services   

Reader to Reader asks, "How do you pass the hours during a slow day at the salon?"

Salon Profile: Jumping over the hurdles of starting a spa with a liquor license, Shannon Dunlap’s business-savvy techniques turned Soak Nails Spa and Lounge into a Reno favorite.

Make It Personal    

Make your salon the kind of place clients can’t wait to return to. These six little tips can yield big results by lending a personal touch to your business.

What Is Onychorrhexis?  

A common condition, longitudinal ridging is just the type of problem that makes nail techs look like miracle workers in the eyes of your clients.

Chemicals Most Wanted: Bad Rap or Due Justice?   

The big three formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (aka DBP). What exactly are they and why have they been systematically eliminated from cosmetics?

Secret Ingredient: Oatmeal: A closer look at this absorptive, hypoallergenic exfoliant

NAILS Magazine - October 2009