NAILS Magazine - November 2016

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Festive Nails From Around the World

What's it like enjoying a winter holiday in, say, Mexico or Russia?  What are the colors, the symbols, and the cultural traditions?  Each country has its own special way of celebrating the season no matter what the reason.  We asked nail artists to capture the joy of the holidays from countries near and far on nails.

Parties With Purpose: Doing Good While Boosting Your Business

Spa parties can be a great revenue booster, but partnering with a local charity can bring in new clients and set your business apart from the pack.

Winter Retail Shoppertunity

Browse through our gift guide that covers four sweet sets of product types for stocking stuffer ideas that will surely make you say holi-yay?

What Happens at CND...

Step inside the halls and walls of CND and discover that for Jan Arnold, no day is a typical day.


Step-by-steps from Dazzle Dry and Pro Tip Clips.

Signature Services

Step-by-steps for an Autumn in New York Pedicure.

Behind the Scenes

Find out how to do the nails that are on this month's cover.

Victorian French

Learn how to creat an elegant and fashionable fall-inspired design using Mia Secret colored acrylic powders.

Nail Art Studio

Step-by-steps on new nail art designs.

Boutique: Winter Hats

As the weather gets chillier, your clients will want to cover their heads with something cozy.  Help them feel snug and stylish with these winter hats.


Have you ever turned away a client?  If so, why and how did you do it?

Salon Profile: Go Bold With Sparkle San Francisco

After leaving her corporate job to work as a nail tech, Mia Rubie rented out a private studio to see clients.  Four years later, that studio has grown into Sparkle San Francisco, a trendy, tucked-away salon that specializes in nail art.

Plan Your Week for Maximum Impact

There's power in planning.  To-do lists and calendars are essential for booking along with seasonal and daily tasks.  Planning your entire week, however, might be the most effective way to run your business.

Something to Talk About: High-Heeled Shoes

Tell a woman high heels cause foot problems and she'll likely agree -- but that doesn't mean she is willing to give them up.  You can help your female clients' feet stay healthy -- and beautiful -- with special attention during their pedicure and some suggestions for foot care at home.

How We See Color

Have you ever wondered how our eyes see color and if everyone sees it the same way?  Here's some insight into how color really works and how to use it to your best advantage.

Healthy Tech Q &A: Diane Diaz

Nail tech Diane Diaz faced a health scare early this year when blood tests revealed pre-diabetes.  Find out how she lost weight, controlled her glucose levels, and started feeling great.


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NAILS Magazine - November 2016