NAILS Magazine - November 2011

This issue includes articles on sanitation from A to Z, getting ready for the holiday retail season, a full guide to nail repair and reinforcements, and nail techs talk about what they're thankful for. Plus, lots of new products, business-building ideas, service recipes, and health tips.


The ABC’s of Sanitation

A is for apple unless you are a nail tech on the frontlines of client safety. Join in an alphabetical micro-tour of how we clean up.

’Tis the Season for Retail

Holiday season is the perfect time to revamp your retail stock. Deck your salons with the latest and greatest holiday-themed products, and celebrate the holiday season in style.

Your Guide to Nail Repairs & Reinforcements

There are a variety of nail issues. From the everyday bitten-nails to the all-out chip or crack, that require you to call reinforcements. Whether using acrylic or gel(or even a tea bag) we offer some ways to strengthen nails.

I Am Thankful For…

To celebrate Thanksgiving and get in the holiday spirit, we have asked nail techs: What, in your professional life, are you thankful for?

To Smooth a Callus

It’s rough out there these days, and we’re not even talking the economy. It’s those craggy and cracked patches of dead skin that pop up from toes to heel and can become debilitating to a client’s sole if left untreated. Here’s a sampling of callus products to help keep feet soft and smooth this winter.

Step-by-steps from Dip It and Eliminer

Signature Services: a Sweet Potato Pedicure and a Spiced Eden Pedicure

Dashing Diva’s DesignFX Alternatives

Dashing Diva nail artist Young Kim has come up with a clever way of blending these new nail art appliques.

Her Nails in Lights: One nail tech shares her story of uprooting her quite Midwestern life for a chance to make it as a celebrity manicurist in New York City.

Show us Your …Alternatives to Jetted Spa Thrones    

If you don’t want to hassle with disinfecting jetted spa thrones, take a cue from these five examples of alternative foot soak set-ups.

Boutique: Essential Oils and Diffusers    

Offer these room-freshening items for your client’s home use.

Reader to Reader: If a genie told you that you could open a nail salon in any city anywhere in the world in what city would you open your salon?

The Right Person for the Job    

One of the most important decision you make as a salon owner is the staff you hire. Do you have a system in place to make sure you’re hiring the right person?

Salon Profile: 20 Lounge offers memberships that deliver a range of perks to clients. This nail bar presents an educational and laid-back experience.

Under the Microscope: Beau’s Lines    

Beau’s Lines are ridged or grooved lines that run horizontally across the nail.

New Medical Treatments for the Aging Hand    

When it comes to revealing a person’s age, the back of the hand is more telling than the face and neck. Dermatologists are applying new technologies to add volume to the hand as well as remove dark brown age spots

NAILS Magazine - November 2011