NAILS Magazine - November 2010

This issue include a major feature on salon sanitation, business-building ideas for booth renters, and a "jubilee" of new products for winter. Plus, just like in every issue, we have nail art step-by-steps, business-building tips, and new products.


Solid on Sanitation

Stock up on these hard surface and implement cleaners, then be sure to talk up your sanitation and disinfections practices to your clientele. If you strictly follow the instructions on the product labels, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your clients safe – and sold on your salon.

Business-Building Tips for Booth Renters

Being your own boss is a rewarding choice, but it takes commitment and perseverance. From being flexible on your availability to carrying your appointment book with you everywhere you go, seasoned techs offer tips to help you succeed.

In the Holiday Spirit

The winter holidays re the perfect time to offer your clients customized nail art designs. NAILS tasked six nails artists with creating wearable, abstract designs that feature the colors of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve.

Winter (Products) Jubilee

With the winter season well on the way, there’s no time like the present to roll out the new holiday-themed sets and sweet-smelling treats that clients wait for all year. This festive time of year is perfect for offering special gifts and holiday services that are sure to appeal to the merrymaker in everyone.

Step-by-steps from Nubar and Backscratchers

Signature Services: a Citrus Green Tea SpaPedicure and an Herbal Warrior Relief Pedicure

Diagnosing Different Nail Types    

Not all nails are perfect. Some are thin, some are ridged, and some have cracks and tears. But luckily techs have a number of natural nail products to strengthen and treat a variety of nails.

Extreme Embedding    

We asked readers to send us a picture of the most interesting thing they’re ever embedded in a nail beads and feathers to hay (yes, hay) here’s a look at a few of the images we received.

Polish 2.0: The Next Generation

The new crop of UV-cured brush-on gel polishes has set the industry abuzz. But what exactly is the technology behind these so-called hybrids, and now they can affect your business?

Boutique: Gift Wrap

Bright bold wrapping paper and complementary gift tags can transform any package into a work of art.

Reader to Reader: How do you keep your sanity during the holiday season?

Salon Profile: The success of Barbados-based Summa Nails is evidence of owner Christine Hinds’ experience and dedication to education.

What are Myxoid Cysts?   

NAILS Magazine - November 2010