NAILS Magazine - November 2009

In this issue, salon owners talk about what they would have differently when planning their businesses. Plus, ideas on marketing to seniors, getting ready for the holidays, and, as always, lots of technicals, business-building ideas, nail art, and new products.


“I Would Have Done It Differently”

Current and former salon owners share their personal insights on the things they would go back and change, if only they could. Learn from their experiences as you’re planning your own career.

Enter the Holidays Retail Ready

As the winds start to chill and the holidays return, stock your shelves with new retail products, and see how much extra revenue you can earn. Manufacturers offer plenty of new products for this upcoming holiday season to help techs increase their retail and get a boost at the end of a tough year.

Seven Ways to Market to Seniors

When mobility becomes limited, aging men and women who always saw pedicures as a beauty treatment may realize it’s a great alternative to monthly visits to the podiatrist for basic foot maintenance. Tap into this niche of golden girls and guys with some targeted marketing techniques.

In the Clean

The Great Salon Bug Battle Salon sanitation has never been more important. With the recent swine flu scare and the dreaded MRSA lurking on surfaces all over, cleanliness and proper sanitation are essential to keep clients safe and your salon out of the news.

Step-by-steps from Wilaverde by Bodipure and Steri-Dent

Signature Services: a Rosemary-Citrus Spa Pedicure and Caviar & Pearl Foot Treatment

Manipulating Below the Knee    

Incorporate a nice foot and calf massage into your pedicures thanks to Renee Doran, educator for OPI and experienced pedicurist at Glitz Salon in Rochester Hills MI.

Magnificent Marbleizing    

This sparkly black-and-white marbleized gel design is perfect for intermediate-level nail artists.

Boutique: Sunless Tanning Products

Reader to Reader: How often do you reevaluate your service menu?

Salon Profile: The Paris-inspired salon the Pampered Girl is co-owned by friends and former coworkers Christina Yang and Alexandra Armstead.

Do Retail Right    

Because profit margins on retail goods are many times those of service dollars, retail is vital to the health of your business. Learn eight tricks for implementing a successful merchandising strategy – from product placement to lighting.

What Are Neuromas?   Learn the symptoms and alert clients to the common problem that develops in the nerves of the foot.

Hurting Hands

What if no doctor or medical study could confirm it, but through a network of your peers you learned many nail techs develop similar pain in their wrist, fingers, and thumbs? Would you choose to proactively reduce your risk of pain based only on anecdotal evidence

Secret Ingredient: Pumpkin    

NAILS Magazine - November 2009