NAILS Magazine - November 2008

This issue features nail tattoo designs, how to determine your business insurance needs, and an array of nice-looking disinfection containers. As in every feature, we have lots of technical instructions for nail art, how to work on sensitive clients, new products, and business tips.


Here Comes the Holidays

With the holiday season right around the corner, nail manufacturers are promoting their new holiday specials. From nail polish to pumice file, your favorite nail manufacturers have offered up cute and celebratory ways to increase your bottom line – while spreading holiday cheer.

Insurance – Do you Know What You Need?

Of the many decisions salon owners are faced with every day, one that is often overlooked or put off is the issue of insurance. Worker’s comp, disability, liability, life and medical are just the beginning. You name it, it’s out there. So how does a salon remain protected while staying above the bottom line?

Sanitation Ovation

One of the oft-overlooked characters in the drama of sanitation is the disinfection container. A professional looking disinfection container can easily show clients that sanitation is a priority at your salon – and you’ll likely be applauded for it.

All Tatted Up

Looking to offer an edgier style of nail art to your clients when butterflies and flowers just won’t do the trick? Get inspired by these tattoo nails to push the boundaries and appeal to a different type of client.

Step-by-steps from CND and Young Nails

Signature Services: a Citrus Callus Blast

Indulging in Fantasy   

Feeling creative? Why not try your hand at fantasy nail art?

Your Guide to Nail Arty DVD’s    

NAILS has taken the guesswork out of finding relevant nails art DVDs with this handy catalog of options.

Boutique Aromatherapy: An assortment of aromatherapy products to entice clients

BUSINESS Q&A: Salon owner Shari Finger answers your business-related questions.

Reader to Reader: How do you keep your clients information safe?

Salon Profile: Joi Nail Spa enriches its community with a unique assortment of services.

Do You Take Credit Cards?    

Here are some things you need to know if you accept credit cards.

What are Beau’s Lines?    

Beau’s lines appear on the nails as horizontal ridges or grooves.

The Diabetic Discussion    

Learn how to alter pedicure services to accommodate diabetic clients.

Secret Ingredient: Almond Oil    

NAILS Magazine - November 2008