NAILS Magazine - May 2013

This issue features new styles from Fashion Week, the perks of being a manufacturer's educator, decorating on a dime, and much more, including Signature Services, nail art technicals, and new products galore.


Have Job, Will Travel

Traveling isn’t just for vacation. Many nail techs work as manufacturers’ educators and they’re on the road often for their “second” jobs. Here’s a glimpse into the life of a few nail professionals who are always on the go.

Homing in on Hair Removal

Summer’s almost here. Are you ready for the influx of clients who will want to be waxed, tweezed, and threaded of unsightly hair in time for their beach vacations? NAILS provides the information you need to consider supplementing your menu with this easy add-on service – for this summer’s clients and beyond.

Salon Design on a Dime

Just like nails, salons can benefit from a touch up and a fresh coat of paint every now and then. While a complete makeover can be costly and take a ton of time, there are a few small changes you can make that will go a long way. For less than $150 you can afford great accents at every price point in between.

Glitter and Glitz

From rhinestones and beads for the 3-D look to glitter striping paints and actual loose glitters, a little (or a lot) of sparkle goes a long way to making your clients giddy with excitement. Whether you brush the loose glitters on top of the sticky layer of your favorite gel-polish or add it into your acrylic powder or gels, these nail art accessories are sure to help your clients.

Bling. It. On.

30 Years of Nail Ads In celebration of NAILS’ 30th anniversary, we’ve taken a look back at some are oldest advertisers to see just how much times and styles have evolved since the premiere issues of 1983. From product launches that didn’t quite catch hold to fashion forward photo shoots that helped define a decade, here are some highlights from 30 years of NAILS.

Step-by-steps from Jessica Cosmetics and Geluv

Signature Services: an Organic Sugar Olive Oil Scrub Manicure and an Old-Fashioned Lemon Drop Pedicure

It’s a Hard Knock Life, for Brushes

As a nail technician and nail artist you understand the importance of a good brush as much as having the right brush for the right job. You most likely have an arsenal of brushes ranging in size, shape, and hair – specifically for acrylics, gels nail art, etc.

Lots and Lots of Ocelot    

In addition to classic leopard and cheetah there was an onslaught of ocelot at Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week. This print is made up of jaguar-like spots that may link to form striped patterns.

Reader to Reader: If you sell items at your salon, what are your best sellers? What has a hard time selling?

Under the Microscope: Subungual Hematoma    


NAILS Magazine - May 2013