NAILS Magazine - May 2010

Enjoy this issue and read about how many services you should get from a bottle of polish (and other products), how nail techs feel about retirement, social networking among marketers, and what is licorice root!


Is It Time for a Change?

Veteran nail techs have seen significant changes in the nail industry, and they may fear the best years are over. However, growth is still possible when you stretch yourself and your business to meet the demands of the new customer. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

To the Last Drop

Just how many manicures should that bottle of polish last you? Manufacturers weigh in on this, plus the number of typical uses per container of 13 other common nail products.

Party Crashers

NAILS crashes a salon party to get insights directly from the clients: from picking the salon to creating a party atmosphere and gauging client satisfaction.

Step-by-steps from Young Nails and C. A. Therien

Signature Services: a Balinese Ginger Pedicure and a Double O Manicure

Shellac Your Nails    

Nail care manufacturer CND introduces Shellac, a new hybrid nail color that supplies like polish, wears like gel, and can be removed in 10 minutes.

By the Book: Catherine Wong gives NAILS readers a peak into her step-by-step nail art books.

Boutique: Towelettes

Think sanitizer, sunblock, and even hair wipes, all in disposable towelette form for portability and mess-free application.

Reader to Reader: What’s your most memorable nail mishap?

Salon Profile: Chicago-based Pure Rain Nail Spa’s success is a result of owner Ulzii Tsogtbaatar’s experience in business management and years of being a nail tech.

Manufacturers Abuzz with Social Networking    

Facebook and Twitter pages are becoming the quickest and most effective ways for manufacturers to directly communicate with customers. For nail techs, becoming an online fan or follower can help keep you informed.

What Is a Subungual Hematoma?    

Subungual hematomas are caused by injury to the nail, often due to blunt trauma or repetitive pressure.

A Nano-Filled Future    

Nanotechnology is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, with research going into its use in electronics, energy, construction, and even into cosmetics.

Secret Ingredient: Licorice Root    


NAILS Magazine - May 2010