NAILS Magazine - May 2009

This issue features ideas on how nail salons can incorporate waxing services, how to add services to add profits, Mother's Day ideas, customer service ideas, and much more more.


Hot Stuff

Nail-focused salons share their secrets on selling waxing services – the perfect addition to your summer menu.

Adding Up the Extras

Simple things like UV top coat, extended massages, and nail art, can be offered as extras to standard manicures and pedicures for a small charge, and the small increase in revenue can really add up over time.

The ABCs and 123s of Customer Service

Sometimes we feel so much pressure to be more and do more for clients we overlook the elementary principles of customer service. But instead of fretting about what to do next, try going back to the basics.

Mother’s Day Love

In honor of all the different kinds of moms out there, NAILS has collected some inspired nail art from talented techs to represent some common mother stereotypes. These tips represent the spirit of four specific kinds: the sports mom, the stay-at-home mom, the working mom, and the material mom.

Step-by-steps from Akzentz and Le Chat

Signature Services: a Luxurious Lavender and Vanilla Candle Manicure and a Caviar Spa Manicure.

Wearing Watermelon    

Never has a fruit lent itself better to toenail interpretation than the watermelon.

Bringing the Outdoors in    

Stop and smell the roses with these nine ways to get Mother Nature to be a regular at your salon.

Boutique: Flip Flops    

This month we feature salon sandals you can retail in your salon.

Reader to Reader: Do you give away free services to your family? Where does it begin or stop (moms, sisters, mother-in-laws, etc.)?

Should Salon Owners Tell All to Staff?    

We asked owners and techs: How much financial information should a salon owner share with her staff?

Salon Profile: Daria Einhorn of New York

Why No Wi-Fi?

It’s easier and less costly than you think to offer clients internet access at your salon.

What is Lichen Planus?    

Lichen planus is an inflammatory skin condition that affects men, women, and children,

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow    

Don’t get caught off guard by a planned or sudden staff absence. With a bit of thought and planning extended leaves won’t negatively impact clients or salon income.

Doesn’t This Smell Bother You?

Learn the facts on air purification, and then take steps to protect yourself and your clients.

Secret Ingredient: Grapefruit: A closer look at this essential oil hat is rich in antioxidants.


NAILS Magazine - May 2009