NAILS Magazine - March 2013

In this issue you'll enjoy a full preview of new spring colors with our "Seam-Bursting Color" story. Plus read about plantar fasciitis, get a recipe for a 23-karat gold treatment pedicure, and improve your foot massage techniques. Plus much, much more.


Are You NAILS’ Next Top Nail Artist?

NAILS wants to identify the next crop of up-and-coming nail artists in a reality show-inspired contest. Throw your hat in the ring.

Seam-Bursting Color

Whether it’s sewing, decorating, nail designs, or jewelry-making, the common thread his spring is DIY. Grab your supplies and get crafty with the season’s polish hues.

Can Feet Stand Alon?

Foot massage can make a great addition to spa pedicures, but how does it fare as a stand-alone service? Should salons offer foot massage a la carte, or can a little reflexology sweeten the deal?

30 Timeless Tips for Thriving in the Nail Industry

NAILS has made it to our 30th anniversary – and we want to help you get to your 30th career anniversary too! We present 30 timeless tips, culled from our three decades of experience, to help you build your book, run your nail salon, and dare we say it, retire.

Salons Without a Storefront

Ever dream of leaving the four walls of your salon behind to forge your own path? Mobile businesses and home-based salons offer alternative career opportunities – and challenges.


A smartphone and tablet app know for sharing pretty pictures, Instagram could be just the tool you need for furthering your business’s reach.

Step-by-steps from Amazing Nail Concepts

Signature Services: a Diamond & 23 Karat Gold Treatment Pedicure and a Moor Mud Pedicure

Glitter Be Gone    

While glitter is great for catching light and attention, it can be tough to get off nails without a battle. Here’s how you can better remove glitter polish and rock star toes.

Show Us Your…Clever Nail Art Displays.

If you’ve got the nail art talent, flaunt it. These displays get clients talking – and purchasing – nail designs.

Mural Winners: Something to Squawk About    

Shannon McCown of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, won our 2013 Mural Contest with her stunning avian-inspired design. This year’s entries took on a wide range of themes – and depicted them beautifully.

Boutique: Exercise Gear    

With a slew of popular classes – such as yoga, spinning, and Zumba – attracting people to fitness like a magnet, you can help your clients stay up to date with the latest exercise product.

Reader to Reader: When designing a salon, is it wise to stick with gender-neutral colors?

Under the Microscope: Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs from the heel to the toes.


NAILS Magazine - March 2013