NAILS Magazine - March 2012

Read this info-packed issue and preview the season’s gorgeous new colors. Plus, the “magic” of marbleizing, creating the “perfect” nail, and whether you should (or shouldn’t) offer an alcoholic beverage to clients. Plus, in every issue we feature business-building tips, nail art how-tos, manufacturers' step by steps, and in-depth health stories.


Luck Be a Lady

What happens when lady luck goes full tilt in the gritty world of underground gambling with only her swagger and the latest bright and bold nail polish colors? You get a lady whose luck seems to never run out…or does it? Showcasing this season’s bright and bold color choices, we don’t think it’s safe to bet on black — or red.

The Magic of Marbleizing

The marbleizing nail art technique is so simple — just swirl colors together to make them look like the technique namesake of marbles — and so flexible. You can create a never-ending stream of different looks just by switching up the color family, changing the medium, or tweaking the direction of the strokes.

The “Perfect Nail”

What makes the perfect nail? How do you define the picture-perfect acrylic pink-and-white sculpt? NAILS combined contributions from CND education materials, Young Nails’ Greg Salo, and former NAILS Top 25 competitor Lynn Lammers to help draft guidelines for the quintessential “perfect nail.”

License to Serve

Navigating the ins and outs of a simple act of hospitality could leave you dizzy and confused. Before you stock the mini bar or reach for a cold one for a client, double-check your state and local regulations

Step-by-steps from CND and NailGrafx

Signature Services: a Poison Apple Pedicure and a Jade Stone Foot Treatment

Deluxe Delights    

It’s OK to drool a bit when you read over decadent salon menus. Here are a handful of tempting treats dished out by fellow nail professionals.

Mural Contest Winners Really Rock    

The winner of NAILS’ 2012 Nail Mural Contest pays homage to some of our era’s greatest musicians.

Boutique: Umbrellas    

With April showers approaching, everyone needs a good umbrella. This season, help your clients stay dry…without sacrificing style. These trendy umbrella brands merge functionality with fashion and offer customized Products for promotional purposes too.

Reader to Reader: What’s better in the salon: small private rooms that are one-on-one or a room with multiple stations so people can interact with each other?

My Favorite Mistake    

NAILS asked what has been your “favorite mistake” — the one that taught you valuable lessons that continue to serve you and help you in your nail careers.

Salon Profile: Salon owner Cindy Huynh is leaving her tropical mark on Texas. Isle Pedi Spa’s design and services are as interesting as they are original.

Under the Microscope Pseudomonas    

Familiar to nail techs because it can turn clients’ nails green, pseudomonas is a common bacteria.

Defenders of the Feet

We asked a group of techs to tell us how their love affair with feet began.

Secret Ingredient: Primers and Bonders

A closer look at brush-on products that increases adhesion for nail enhancements.

NAILS Magazine - March 2012