NAILS Magazine - March 2011

Read this info-packed issue to see all the latest new polish colors, how to protect yourself when accepting credit cards, and 5 cute design themes. We have demos from Christrio and Wax N Waxing, and great new signature services. Plus, in every issue we feature business-building tips, nail art how-tos, manufacturers' step by steps, and in-depth health stories.


Farm Fresh

This spring’s polish collections reminded us of a trip to our local farmer’s market. Spring polish colors look good enough to eat as we take this season’s newest mouthwatering colors from farm (in this case, the polish manufacturer) to plate (your client’s nail plate, of course).

Plastic Protection

If clients can pay with credit cards at your salon, there are some things you need to be aware of to help protect yourself from becoming involved in a credit card fraud scam.

Before the Salon

These techs held interesting jobs before they ventured into the beauty industry. Read about what they did before life in the salon, and what it is hey love about doing nails.

5 Salon Themes (& How to Make Them Work)

There’s a lot of room to be creative within any given theme, whether it’s floral or ocean or something completely different. We take a look at 16 salons that are on the same wavelengths with their design ideas, but managed to really make it their own.

Step-by-steps from Christrio and Wax n Waxing

Signature Services:  a Fizzing Chocolate Peppermint Spa Pedicure

Color Chameleons   

 It’s Ok if your client can’t pick just one color. It may be preferable. Use these products to give her a nail look that changes with her surroundings.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever    

The winners of this year’s Nail Mural Contest are a testament to their creators’ hard work, focus, and inspiration.

Boutique: Princess Accessories    Adorable princess party items are not only smart retail options for little mani/pedi parties.

Reader to Reader:  What’s the one thing in your salon you should throw away but probably never will?

Give Yourself a Raise    

When an increase in service pricing is based upon pre-designed standards, techs can make the move with confidence instead of concern – regardless of the economy.

Under the Microscope: Pterygium is an adhesion between the skin surrounding the nail and area under the nail plate.

Secret Ingredient: A closer look at the fat-soluble antioxidant discovered in 1922: Vitamin E.


NAILS Magazine - March 2011