NAILS Magazine - March 2010

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Out With Old, In With the Bold

This season’s new nail colors are the brightest, boldest, most vibrant hues we’ve seen in years. For once, we have no props, no gimmicks, no stories – we’re simply letting the colors speak for themselves.

Married to the Military

The reassignment of a spouse or fiancé in the military is difficult enough on a personal and emotional level, but it can also be tough professionally for nail techs who depend on loyal clientele.

Prepare for the Worst

Conservative wisdom reminds us to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Create a plan now that prepares you and your staff for the day when a minor disaster strikes.

A Bright IKEA

You don’t have to shop the aisles of the home furnishings giant on your own. Instead use the expertise of IKEA’s business designers, whose job it is to help you create your ideal salon interior.

Step-by-steps from Cuccio Naturalé and OPI Products

Signature Services: an Irish Crème Pedicure and a Milk with Coffee Beans Pedicure

Smiles Come in All Shapes and Sizes    

Smile lines can adapt to the nail to complement the shape and design of the nail.

NAILS announces the winners of our 2010 Mural Contest.

Reader to Reader:  For those of you who work in full-service salons, how would you characterize the relationship between nail techs and hairstylists?

The Pricing Problem    

We asked readers; How do you decide how much to charge for a particular service?

For Members Only    

Customer loyalty programs have sprung up in nearly every industry. Is it time for your salon to offer one of its own?

What is Plantar Fasciitis?    

Painful and often persistent fasciitis can be troublesome to treat because what is necessary seems nearly impossible.

Playing Defense With Disease    

Nail techs play an important role in protecting clients. The three Cs – cuticles, colors, and contours – can be early indicators of larger health problems.

Secret Ingredient: Azulene/Chamomile

NAILS Magazine - March 2010