NAILS Magazine - June 2013

Every issue contains features for nail professionals, nail technicians, and nail salon owners. Every issue has nail art how to articles, nail designs submitted by our readers, and all the latest professional nail care products.


Is Merchant Cash Advance Right For You?

Merchant cash advances are easier to get than traditional bank loans. Advantages include quick funding and a repayment schedule that is tied to the salon’s cash flow.

Father’s Day Nail Services

Father’s Day provides an excellent way for you to offer services specifically for male clients and maybe even an opportunity to turn them into regular customers.

Bridal Ready

Helping your client nail her big day is a process that could begin months in advance. Learn what you have to do to prepare yourself and your bride for nails that will live on in photos happily ever after.

Why Customers Really Buy Retail

While it is always useful to know the origin and behavior of specific product ingredients, customers are generally interested in a very narrow range of information regarding consumer goods.

Personal Trainer: Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint among techs due to the nature of our posture: In a typical day, we can spend hours hunched over a desk or a pedi tub.

5 Things You Should Ask Your Nail Biting Clients, and Why

Use the information you gather from your consultation with nail biters not only to decide what you should do in the salon to help them break the habit.

Under the Microscope: Onychogryphosis

Onychogryphosis refers to nails that have thickened and developed a deep curve.

The Story Behind 30 Nails to Commemorate 30 Years

For our June issue story in which we had nail artists offer their own takes on NAILS Magazine’s pearl anniversary, we also asked each artist to explain the inspiration behind her designs and why NAILS Magazine has a special place in her heart.

NAILS Magazine - June 2013