NAILS Magazine - June 2012

Read this info-packed issue to learn about building your bridal business, how to work efficiently if you’re left-handed, and what editor Hannah Lee discovered on her European nail vacation. We have demos from Young Nails and great new signature services. Plus, in every issue we feature business-building tips, nail art how-tos, manufacturers' step by steps, and in-depth health stories.


Acrylics Are Not Dead

With the sudden rise of brush-on gel-polish bringing many new customers into salons, it seems nail techs are seeing fewer tried-and-true acrylic customers. With new products on the market, traditional acrylic users now have more options to choose from, but there is still a seat at the manicure table for them.

Bridal Nails in the Big Picture

When a bride-to-be chooses you to create her wedding day nail look, it’s important to make the nails complement the overall look and theme of the wedding and reception. What do her invitations look like? What about bridesmaid dresses and accessories? Four nail techs pitch nail ideas to brides based on their wedding schemes.

European [Nail] Vacation

NAILS editor Hannah Lee went to Zurich, Switzerland, and then to Dusseldorf, Germany, to attend two European beauty shows. With several stops along the way, she learned more about the developing nail industry in Switzerland and was in awe at the sheer size of the show in Dusseldorf.

 Let’s Hear It for the Lefties

Whether you’re a left-handed tech yourself, have one as a coworker, or simply want to see nails from a different perspective, you can benefit from learning about how south paw nail techs adapt their set-ups to stay in their right minds and in the right career path for them.

Material Safety Data Sheets Get a Makeover and a New Name

How much do you know about the safe handling of the chemical formulations you work with every day? MSDS — now known internationally and domestically as SDS — are an essential ingredient of any safety program and now reading them is getting easier.

Step-by-steps from Young Nails and EZ Nails

Signature Services: a Golfer’s Foot Renewal pedicure and a Rainforest Foot Treatment

The Slightest Hint of Sparkle    

Josephine “Pina” More, owner of Innovative Nails in Red Bank, N.J., has a traditional clientele that holds fast to standard pink-and white enhancements. She offers a slight glitter upsell, and the clients love it.

Museum-Worthy: Artist Dzine    

Chicago-based artist Carlos Dzine Rolon elevates the nail industry with a coffee table book and nail salon-inspired museum installations that showcase our industry’s culture.

Boutique: Cosmetic Bags    

Offer clients fun and colorful cosmetic bags for their makeup or their nail products.

Potent Out of Poland: Paulina Pastuszak & Ilona Musik    

When we received e-mails showcasing phenomenal nail art from two different Polish nail artists several weeks apart, we knew we had to share their striking images with the rest of the world.

Reader to Reader: When it comes to other techs duplicating your nail art designs, is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? (And where do you personally draw the line?)

Double the Fun    

What happens when creative entrepreneurs combine their passions to build multipurpose businesses? You get more than your average nail salon.


NAILS Magazine - June 2012