NAILS Magazine - June 2009

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Mobile Marketing

How do you attract clients when you have no storefront to draw them in? Target marketing networking and a little creativity can help mobile nail techs expand their business.

Silicon and the Salon: A Match in Heaven

Many salons are using computers and specialized software programs to replace the traditional pen and notebook method of keeping track of day-to-day business activity. From client bookings to reports on product usage, find out what’s going on inside the latest silicon chips for salons.

E-File Extraordinaire

Sharpen your electric file skills with this handy guide to tips. Tricks and techniques for putting this useful tool to work.

Do You Know Your Stats?

When was the last time you took a good look at your numbers? Take this quiz designed to shed some light on the numbers that underlie your bottom line and why you should care about them.

Step-by-steps from Star Nail and NSI

Signature Services: a Colonial Pedicure

The Benefit of Going Waterless: If you’ve never done a waterless manicure before, here’s a

“I Do” Nails: What nail look were you sporting at your own wedding?

Boutique: Bath Goodies. Stock these bath goodies in the retail area for clients who need some extra pampering

Reader to Reader: To what extent should you guarantee your work?

Let’s Do Lunch

Creating a memorable opening for your nail salon requires planning organizational skills, and marketing savvy.

What is Onychophagy?   

Clients who suffer from chronic Onychophagy – or severe nail biting – need more than the attention of a good nail tech.

Simple Steps Reduce Salon Liability   

When it comes to liability issues, take the advice of an insurance professional. Both your actual sanitation practices and the appearance of cleanliness can reduce potential claims against you.

Secret Ingredient: Urea.:A closer look at this synthetically produced moisturizing ingredient.


NAILS Magazine - June 2009