NAILS Magazine - June 2008

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Here Comes the Bride

Your client’s wedding has a well thought-out theme and every detail, down to the look of her nails, has to fit perfectly. Seven nail artists explore some of the most popular wedding themes – beach, country, fantasy, and garden – creating a range of designs that’ll make her big day spectacular.

The Coaching Chronicles [Installment #2]

In this occasional series, we follow along as Adrienne, a mother of two who just moved with her husband to North Carolina, works to rebuild her nail business from scratch. She’s working with Heather, a certified salon success coach to her succeed.

Is Your Business Drying Up?

With the country facing an economic slowdown of mass proportions, many in the industry are having to adjust the way they do business. But how much of our financial concerns can be blamed on the economy – and how much is simply the result of change in the industry.

A Bit That Fits

Electric file bits come in tons of different shapes and sizes to fill every filling need. But where do you start? We’ve collected a variety of basic bits – and some of the more obscure – to help you find the perfect bit for every job.

Signature Services a Peppermint Spa Pedicure and Cinnamon Bun Pedicure

11 Cute Salon Uniforms    

“Uniform” doesn’t have to mean identical cookie-cutter, or always consistent. Check out these fashion-forward salon uniforms –     perfect for salons with a sense of style.

Let Your True Colors Come Shining Through    

With colored acrylics, your only limit is your imagination.

Reader to Reader: Has your salon employment ever been terminated against your will? How did you handle it?

Let’s Do Lunch    

The lunch hour presents a unique time slot for great, quick services.

What is a Splinter Hemorrhage?    

Learn about this small area of bleeding under the nail.

Caring for the Elderly    

Learn to understand and to meet the needs of the older client.

Secret Ingredient: Green Tea    

A closer look at this powerful antioxidant.

Polish College: The Basics    

What exactly is polish made of? Here’s an introduction to some of    the more common nail polish ingredients.

NAILS Magazine - June 2008