NAILS Magazine - July 2012

Nail techs tell us about their own “bucket lists,” we review hand care products, and show you some great summer pedicure styles. This issue also features the “Nail Tech’s Guide to Essential Oils,” step-by-steps by Nubar and Bio Seaweed Gel, and how to build your own pedicure platform. Plus, in every issue we feature business-building tips, nail art how-tos, manufacturers' step by steps, and in-depth health stories.


Hit Me with Your Best Shot

With the explosion of nail art, techs are expanding their creativity into the field of photography. Here are tips on how to capture the best shot.

What’s on Your Bucket List?

The idea of these ticking lists – of thing to accomplish before you “kick the buck” so to speak – are gaining popularity via blogs ad campaigns, and other media outlets. We asked our readers to share their professional ones (No offense to pros-and-cons lists, but we think bucket lists are much more fun!)

Handy Hand Care Products

A quick lotion or hand scrub can make a manicure quite memorable. And a sales pitch on the beneficial ingredients of a hand care product as you massage it in to your clients’ skin can make them want to purchase the product for home use. To help you with retail as well as with themed products to keep hands well-moisturized and supple

Toes in the Sand

Summer styles are more relaxed and casual. Women are wearing strappy sandals and flip-flops, or maybe even going barefoot on the beach. This is the perfect time to ramp up your toenail are business and help your clients do their toes in the sand style.

A Nail Tech’s Guide to Essential Oils

Have you been interested in adding aromatherapy to your nail service menu, but were unsure about where to start? We provide you with some handy tips on working with essential oils, plus a closer look at some of the most popular ones.

Step-by-steps from Nubar and Bio Seaweed Gel

Signature Services: a Tropical Bliss Pedicure and a Red Carpet Pedi

“The Step and Repeat”

The Stiletto Gets Its Wings    

Germany’s Alexandra Lust shows how to segment the design across all four nails to create a wonderful illusion of a butterfly.

How to Create Your Own Pedicure Platform    

Elevating clients for feet-focused services generally improves nail tech ergonomics s you don’t have to hunch over to do close-up work. And building your own set-up means you can design and decorate it however you want.

Boutique: Patriotic Bags    

American-inspired accessories, decorations, and bakeware make great retail items. Stock your salon with fun and festive products for Independence Day.

Reader to Reader: How do you politely ask moms not to bring their babies and toddlers with them to their nail appointments.

Things Your Employees Won’t Tell You    

Do you ever wish you were a fly on the wall so you could hear what your employees say? Here’s your chance to learn what they won’t tell you, but wish you knew.

Salon Profile: Sisters Castle and Lauren Searcy built their business from the ground up, opening their first salon, Tootsies Nail Shoppe in 2006. After hard work and diligent cross-promoting they now run two salons, a certified nail school and a barbershop, all under the Tootsies brand.


NAILS Magazine - July 2012