NAILS Magazine - July 2010

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Why They Come Back

What is it about a professional manicure that gets a client hooked? NAILS asked some satisfied clients to recount their first experience getting their nails done. Turns out, the reason they return often has as much to do with the tech as with the service itself.

Idyllic Acrylics

Amidst the gel-craze, acrylics have steadily been re-inventing themselves to come out with better performing powders and with brighter colors than ever. Here’s a collection of the newest acrylic powders on the market.

West Coast vs. East Coast: A Day With Two Celebrity Nail Techs

Los Angeles-based nail tech Kimmie Keyes and New York-based nail tech Lisa Logan operate on opposite sides of the country in much the same fashion – their days are jam-packed from sunrise until way after sundown with magazine and video shoots, as well as lending to their celebrity clients. Take a peek into a typical day for each of them.

A Day at the Beach

Sand, surf and shells are three huge indicators of the arrival of summer. Get inspired by these beach-themed nail art designs, as you and your clients enjoy the season.

Step-by-steps from Essie and Gracia Beauty

Signature Services: an Indian Therapy Pedicure and a Luxurious Marine Replenishing Hand Treatment

Super Sharp Stilettos    

Stiletto styles are slowly sweeping across the country and many new clients are leaving local haunts in spiked-tipped nails.

Go Greige    

Gray-beige polishes – also known as the “greige” “taupe” or “putty” trend – are showing up all over runways and adorning celebrities nails.

Freed From Your Apron Strings    

Designers salon aprons are being developed by apparel designers as chic alternatives to your basic cover-up with two strings and a pocket.

Boutique: Eyelash Conditioners

These non-prescription lash conditioners are applied like eyeliner and most can also be used on brows as well.

Reader to Reader: Do you visit other salons for “research” purposes?

The Benefits of Being the Best    

“Best of” lists help raise a salon’s profile improve its reputation, and build loyalty among its clientele. How can your salon get in on the action?

What is Onychogryphosis?

Also called “ram’s horn” onychogryphosis refers to nails that have thickened and developed a deep curve.

Secret Ingredient: Abyssinian Oil    

A closer look at the odorless, clear yellow oil that is used in many types of cosmetics.

NAILS Magazine - July 2010