NAILS Magazine - July 2008

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Learn the Keys to Reinventing Yourself

Top industry leaders know how to stay current and relevant in the marketplace. Reinvention is necessary to survive and thrive in the ever-changing business environment and to guarantee career longevity.

Show Those Toes

With summertime heating up, clients are going to be eager to show off some bare feet and cool their heels, and what better way to sport the look than with some fun and fashionable acrylic toenail art.

Our Own Worst Enemies – Dealing with Bad Coworkers

The coffee pot is on and dry, the retail area is dusty, and your coworker is happily filing the nails of one of your favorite clients. You are not alone. Nail techs and just like you are facing the same issues in salons around the globe. Don’t let that bad coworker get your panties in a bunch. It’s time to band together and take back the salon.

Do You Believe?

Those nails you’re working on today may bring you more than your weekly wages. In cultures around the world, there re (or were) superstitions about the good, the bad, and the ugly those nails can bring a person. Here is a sampling of some global nail superstitions and beliefs.

Step-by-steps from Light Elegance and Hive of Beauty

Signature Services: a Signature Raspberry Pedicure

Make a Little Change    

Laura Campos shows her technique for changing out color acrylics.

8 Ways to Keep Polish from Smudging    

Techs share their tried-and-true methods for avoiding “Oops, I dinged my polish.”

International Inspiration    

Our friends at Swedish nail magazinenaglar i narden turned us on to two nail sensations in Europe.

Boutique: SPF Products    

An assortment of SPF products that clients can use while they enjoy the outdoors.

Reader to Reader: Is having a salon website a must in today’s environment?

To Share or Not to Share    

How do you maintain your professionalism when your personal life has become difficult?

What Is Onycholysis?    

How to deal with separation of the nail from the nail bed.

The Truth about Hormones and Nails    

Secret Ingredient: Pomegranate


NAILS Magazine - July 2008