NAILS Magazine - January 2010

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Cover Tech Winner: Double the Fun!

With the voting for this year’s winning cover tech image too close to call, NAILS has done something it’s never done before: Run two different covers for the same issue. In either case, you’re enjoying the handiwork of Julie Kandalec of Jennifer & Co. in Mentor Ohio

She Said, She Said

NAILS asked salon owners and employees to take our “Newlywed Game” challenge to see just how well they know each other. Each individual answered the series of questions for herself and then how she thought her work partner would answer them.

Welcome to My Home (Salon)

For our reader-written issue, NAILS asked three nail techs to give us a tour of their home salons. Visit Flip Flop Beauty Shop, Tee’s Nail NV and All Polished Up!

Products by Nail Techs, for Nail Techs

Proving that necessity is indeed the mother of invention, these nail techs have created a wide array of products that are perfect for the salon.

Step-by-steps from NSI

Signature Services: A Sea My Pedi Stained Glass Nails    

Nail Polish Talks    

What does a specific nail polish color say about the person wearing it? Decipher the meanings behind the colors with this handy guide.

Boutique: T-Shirts    

Whether worn as a salon uniform or retailed to clients, these unique nail-related shirts are modern and fun.

Reader to Reader: How are general cleaning duties delegated and enforced at your salon?

For the Good of the Team    

It’s our relationships with coworkers that can make the difference between a so-so work environment and a place we look forward to returning to day after day.

NAILS asked readers: What do you do that’s special or unique at your salon to foster team spirit.

What Is Pincer Nails?    

A common and potentially painful condition pincer nails can be avoided by careful detection and proper care.

Pedicure Poise    

Holding legs while clipping toenails, messaging calves and ankles, and scrubbing down thick callus can all quickly lead to sore backs and arms – and cranky dispositions. Read what some techs have done to keep their poise during strenuous pedicures.

NAILS Magazine - January 2010