NAILS Magazine - February 2011

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Not Your Normal Salon Job

In addition to salons, nail techs ply their trade in a range of locations – from military bases to senior homes – targeting different clientele across the world and bringing nail services to new markets.

Strange But True Beauty Laws

Barbers banned from eating onions. Women barred from cutting their hair without their husband’s consent to selling nail polish on Sundays. These wacky real-life beauty regulations certainly warrant a chuckle or two.

Low-Flow Pedicure

It’s no secret that pedicure spas can use a lot of water, a fact that’s reflected in your salon’s monthly water bill and maybe in some nagging guilt in your conscience about your environmental footprint. Luckily, spa manufacturers have been steadily decreasing the amount of water needed to perform satisfying pedicures, so here’s a look at their latest low-water-usage options.

Candy-Coated Nails

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked nail artists to create candy-themed designs. From hand-painted wonders to actual embedded candy wrappers these nails are sweet treats that look good enough to eat!

Step-by-steps from NSI and Beech Yoga Sandals

Signature Services: The Dessert and a Fire & Ice Signature Foot Treatment

One-Stroke Nail Art    

Painter and craftswoman Donna Dewberry shares her One-Stroke painting technique, which has been adapted by nail artists.

Nail Trends from Spring 2011 Fashion Week

Clean neutral nails returned to the runways of New York Spring Fashion Week, though a few designers opted for bold colors and unique nail art looks.

Reader to Reader: Is it OK to date a client?

Money: Here Today, Still Here Tomorrow

A financial planner teaches you how to make the most of your hard-earned collars. Her three-step plan requires you to commit to saving, make it a habit and allcoate wisely

Under the Microscope: Athlete’s Foot    

Secret Ingredient: A closer look at gold


NAILS Magazine - February 2011