NAILS Magazine - February 2009

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The Three Greatest Challenges Facing the Nail Business

From lack of training, to sanitation lapses, to treating medical conditions, it’s time for nail techs to come together and raise standards in these all-important areas. Industry chemist Doug Schoon discusses what he sees as the three greatest challenges facing our business and what we can do – as an industry – to face them.

Gels: As Easy as 1-2-3!

Nail professionals always want to stay on top of the latest trends, but many have had a hard time understanding the gel process and differentiating between different companies’ systems. Breaking down the steps involved in a gel application will help you determine whether you’d like to offer these services, and which company’s system best suits your needs.

Old Rule/ New Rule: 12 New Ways of Looking at Our Industry

Take a fun walk down memory lane as NAILS chronicles some of the biggest changes in the nail industry’s unwritten rules from the past two decades.

Best of Reader Nail Art

The NAILS editors went through all the nail art pictures from 2008 to spotlight our favorite standouts. From 3-D acrylic to hand-painted, we hope you enjoy these fine-crafted nails.

Step-by-steps from Gulfstream

Signature Services: Sling Back Pedicure

Travel Talk    

Are you a road warrior – always jetting off to a tradeshow or workshop somewhere in the world? If so, these great resources, ideas and travel tips will make your life a little easier.

Design Gallery: How do you make your waiting area feel comfortable?

Oh, Cupid!    

Cupid has struck again and left behind these amazing nail art creations

Boutique: Body Washes    

This month we feature bath and body washes you can retail in your salon

Reader to Reader: How do you start a dialogue with your clients about retail products?

Quiz: Are You Really Ready to Open Your Own Salon?    

Think salon ownership looks easy? Ready to take the plunge? Take this quiz to gain some insight before you make the leap. Salon

With Our Compliments    

Clients make a choice every time they open their wallets and spend their hard-earned money in your salon. Make that choice easier with value-added services that cost you little or nothing for the client to enjoy.

What Is Exfolilative Keratolysis?

Bridging the Gap: Getting Where You Want to Go    

Have you fallen short of achieving your goals? You can move forward, create clarity and put realist steps in place to bridge the gaps in your life

Secret Ingredient: A closer look at Volcanic Clay    

NAILS Magazine - February 2009