NAILS Magazine - December 2013

See what products were our readers' favorites this year! Also, ideas for anti-aging services for the hand, learning self-respect, and the most frequently asked questions on our website. Plus, in every issue we feature business-building tips, nail art how-tos, manufacturers' step by steps, and in-depth health stories.


Tenth Time’s a Charm!

It’s hard to believe that NAILS Reader’s Choice Awards turn 10 years this year. And while we’ve seen plenty of new companies and products inch their way into your hearts and our list over the years, it’s also pretty astonishing how many products and brands have withstood the test of time and remain reader favorites year after year.

Turning Back the Hands of Time

It’s said that hands show our age before anything else. And with senior citizens now the largest age group in terms of size and percent in the population according to the U.S. Census Bureau, here are a handful of products that can help you tend to the hand care needs of Boomers and beyond.

Nine Things All Self-Respecting Nail Techs Should Do

Finding a healthy balance between good customer service and good boundaries can be tricky. Once you learn the value of self-respect, how to maintain that balance becomes clear.

Straight A’s for Our Top Q’s

NAILS is your best resource when you have a question you need answered. And while some answers withstand the test of time, others need to be updated due to new techniques and technologies. Take a look at fresh, updated answers to our most frequently viewed questions

Celebrate Good Times [With Nails!]

It’s the time of year for dressing up for holiday parties and clinking champagne glasses on New Year’s Eve. These celebratory nail art designs will help you get inspired to create festive looks for your clients’ nails this holiday season.

Step-by-steps from Dashing Diva and Valentino

Signature Services: an Aloe-Gator Pedicure and a Mandarin Blend Pedicure

Floral French    

See how INM educator Julie Parker created this elegant white floral manicure. Midnight Swim

Mosaic Foil Art    

Learn how to create this mosaic design by CND-certified master painter Raji Venugopal.

The Skinny on Skin Tones    

Selecting the right shade for your client’s skin tone is as much a science as it is an art. Learn the philosophy behind it before making your next color recommendation.

A Crafty Bunch    

Nail tech become nail techs in part because of an artistic eye and skilled hands. These qualities also make them naturals at creating hand-crafted items their clients simply love.

Show Us Your …Private Label Logos    

Your logo is used to brand your products and merchandise. Consider giving items your stamp of approval to get your name out there.

Reader to Reader: How do your show your employees and clients you are thankful for them?

Is a No Tipping Policy Right for You?    

If tomorrow morning you posted a sign that said “no tips please,” what do you think would be the impact? No tipping policies are slowly but surely changing the way clients not only pay, but view their nail service professionals.

NAILS Magazine - December 2013