NAILS Magazine - December 2010

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America’s Next Top Nail Product

In a world full of reality television where we have competitions for every facet of life (America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef, The Biggest Loser, etc.) some things stand the test of time. NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards program (now in its seventh year) has become one of our industry’s annual traditions.

She’s a Tech in a Small Town

For techs who live and work in populations under 55,000 the challenges of finding and retaining a full clientele can be balanced by the personal relationships formed and small-town kindness shown by area residents.

Nail Art for the Not-So-Artistic

Have you ever discouraged yourself from trying something new because you thought you wouldn’t be any good at it? Have you done this with nail art? Well you don’t have to because there are simple and easy nail art products to help give flair and a little-something extra to your sets.

The Year in NAILS

Sharpen your pencils, because we’ve come up with our own version of 20 Questions to test your knowledge about the stories we ran in the pages of NAILS Magazine, that is. Feel free to make this an open-book quiz (or open-website quiz), using your January through December 2010 issues of NAILS or

Step-by-steps from Nail Tek and LeChat Signature Services    

Step-by-steps for a Permanent Vacation Pedicure and a Mango Coconut Pedicure

Boutique: Hair brushes

Reader to Reader: In what ways will you run your business differently next year?

Year-End Tax Planning: When to Spend

You can put more money in your pocket by doing effective tax planning. Before the year ends, take some time to consider the steps you can take to reduce your tax bill.

Health Help Clients Prepare for a Visit to the Nail Doctor    

These two client handouts are intended to make clients more comfortable an knowledgeable prior to a visit to the dermatologist or podiatrist for a nail complaint.

NAILS Magazine - December 2010