NAILS Magazine - December 2009

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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

You took a stand. And your shouted from the mountain tops (well maybe just from your nail table) when we asked you to tell us about your favorite products. We heard you loud and clear, and here we present the sixth annual NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards.

Setting Up Shop

You’d love to create an adorable retail boutique in your salon, filling it with candles, gourmet teas, and unique find gift items, but you have one major problem: Where do you find these items – and at wholesale prices you can afford? NAILS shows you how to shop a gift show and about other venues where the retail-savvy stock their stores.

31 Davys of an Organized Holiday Season

If you’re already feeling stressed about the holidays, try this simple trick: Schedule one thing per day from your to-do list into your appointment book now. Once it’s written down, you can stop worrying about it because you know you’ve scheduled time to get it done. You can make your own salon to-do list for the month of December or use ours.

Make It a Man’s World

The percentage of male clients in a salon’s appointment book averages about 8.2%, but with more men becoming concerned about their appearance, we’ve heard from salons that boast that 25% of their clientele is men. Here are some products specifically for men, and some tips on how to get those guys into your salon and keep them there.

Step-by-steps NK EZ Way-Hard Treatment and French Tip Dip Tool

Signature Services: Ice Cream Sundae Pedicure

Fixing Bitten Mittens

A set of beautiful enhancements on what was once a small and stubby nail bed creates a dramatic effect on the client and can do wonders for her self-esteem.

Boutique: Christmas Ornaments    

Reader to Reader: What was the best holiday gift you’ve ever received from a client?

What Is Skin Cancer?   

Tearing Down Business Barriers    

Complying with the American with Disabilities Act may ve as simple as doing what you are already good at. Mix hospitality, research, active listening and compassion to create a salon that’s accessible to all.

Secret Ingredient: A closer look at ginseng    


NAILS Magazine - December 2009
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