NAILS Magazine - August 2010

Read the August 2010 issue of NAILS and vote for your favorite products, read about client types and how to become an educator. Plus: step by steps, signature services, nail art, and "secret ingredient"


America’s Next Top Nail Products

Help your favorite nail product manufacturers get ready for their close-up – vote for this year’s NAILS Readers Choice Awards.

Just My Type

Get the down low for how to cater to four common client types – the glamour girl, control freak, escapist, and eco-conscious client – with nail styles, colors, services, and more that are fine-tuned to the needs of each.

Nails Passions Fulfilled: Becoming an Educator

The nail industry’s manufacturer’s educator programs are great ways for passionate techs to challenge themselves and become teachers of their craft, skills, and even travel the world.

Hand Care Fanfare

If you’re looking to get a fresh start on offering a full-service skin treatment for your manicure clients, check out these themed hand care lines that bring a host of flavors from the beginning scrub to the final lotion.

Weathering the Storm: Where Do We Go from Here?

The worst of circumstances – the combination of a Nor’easter and a tropical storm – brought out the best in people. When the final coat of paint covers the last bit of evidence contributing editor Erin Snyder Dixon says it’s the kindness she wants to remember.

Step-by-steps from IBD and NSI

Signature Services: Rosemary Avocado Manicure and an Exotic Mango Manicure/Pedicure

Freed From Your Apron Strings. Designers salon aprons are being developed by apparel designers as chic alternatives to your basic cover-up with two strings and a pocket.

Boutique: Hair Smoothers and Serums

Reader to Reader: Why did you choose to work in the salon you’re in versus other salons?

What is Onychauxis? In and of themselves thick nails pose no danger to a client, but they often indicate larger problems.

Posture Primer: Proper posture and improved ergonomics can help reduce aches and pains that are often viewed as an unavoidable side effect of being a nail tech.

Secret Ingredient: A closer look at papaya


NAILS Magazine - August 2010