NAILS Magazine - August 2008

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What’s Hot in Foot Care

Deciding which foot scrub or mask to use for pedicure can be a difficult task. There are so many different kinds with varying scents and textures. We’ve rounded up some scrubs and masks to help give you an idea of just what’s out there so you can find some that perfectly fit you services.

Safety First [a guide to keep your salon safe]

It’s the end of a long day. You’re filing toenails and tired when your file slips and slices into the toe, drawing blood. What do you do? An elderly client stumbles and takes a bad fall. What do you do? A fellow nail tech is pregnant and working when her water suddenly breaks. What do you do?

A Kaleidoscope of Color

While we normally focus on polish manufacturers’ spring and fall collections, we though this summer’s bold and bright hues – from solid, big colors to screaming neon – warranted a little attention of their own.

Step-by-steps from Aqmore Polish and Estelina’s.

Making Your Massage Memorable

A service capping hand and forearm massage is an easy way to bump up the price of your standard manicure.

Signature Services: Cranberry Almond Cleansing Manicure and a Pomegranate Pedicure

Mastering Colored Gel Fills Amy Becker of Masterworks Innovations explains how she does a colored gel fill. STYLE Nail Art Studio Step-by-steps on new nail art designs.

Painting Like Picasso Check out the Mini-Masterpiece Contest winners, along with other fabulous works of nail art.

NAILS Asks… In your salon, what’s your favorite piece of décor? Boutique: Lip Wear An assortment of lip care products – from tasty lip glosses to lip scrubs.

Reader to Reader How do you balance your business and personal lives?

UV Light Cured Gel: How It Works

Do you know the science behind the gel curing process?

What is Eczema? How to deal with the red, itchy, swollen skin rash.

Secret Ingredient: A closer look at seaweed

NAILS Magazine - August 2008