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Who Will Be Named NAILS Next Top Nail Artist?

The fourth season of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist once again brings together three international competitors to meet for the first time at America's Beauty Show in Chicago.  All three arrive as finalists, but only one can leave as the Season Four champion.

(InternatioNAILS) South Africa: Nail Color Goes from Occasional Indulgence to Everyday Wear

As more woman enter the work force and move up the career ladder in the rainbow nation, cosmetics are becoming an essential part of the well-kept professional's wardrobe.

Nails, Naturally

From handmade scrubs, to aromatherapy, to decor, here's how to take your typical salon from ho-hum to spa-wonderful.


Step-by-steps from EzFlow and Kiara Sky.

Behind the Scenes

Find out how to do the nails that are on this month's cover.

Nail Art Studio

Step-by-steps on new nail art designs.

Treat Yo Self!

When it comes to nail treatments, manufacturers aren't just seeing clearly.  As the caretaker of your client's nails, making sure nails are in a healthy condition to be painted is just as important as the manicure itself.

You Can Recycle That?

It's time to move past recycling basics like paper, plastic, and aluminum.  Read on to find new life for many of the items that may cross your salon's threshold - from packing peanuts to wine corks.


What do you do for self-care after work?

Something to Talk About: Gel-Polish Removal

Dehydration or damage?  The debate rages about the cause of white spots that appear after gel-polish removal.  Your comments educate clients about what's happening when removal is rushed.

Healthy Tech Q &A: Suzy Yaqrah

After a rude awakening when shopping for clothes, Susan Yaqrah immediately took action to lose weight and feel better.  In spite of health setbacks, this determined nail tech has stayed the course, lost weight, and feels great.

A Day in the Life of a Nail Expert

In this month's column, Dr. Stern discusses yellow nails.  Causes range from cosmetic concerns - like polish staining - to medical conditions such as fungus, onycholysis, and yellow nail syndrome.


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