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NAILS Next Top Nail Artist

Season three has been a record-breaking shake-up of internatioal proportions.  After 10 tough weeks, three nail artists are left standing.  On March 13 at America's Beauty Show in Chicago, only one will be named NAILS Next Top Nail Artist.

NAILS' Guide to Independent Nail Education

Continuing education classes from independent professionals/organizations can be a great way to become a well-rounded professional.  We compare your options side-by-side so you can find exactly the type of class you're looking for.

NAILS' 10k-a-Day Walking Challenge: The Results Are In!

On January 1 of this year, nail techs everywhere took on the NAILS' 10k-a-Day walking challenge.  Here's a roundup of some of our participants' results and how the challenge jumpstarted their new healthy lifestyles.

(InternationalNAILS) Japan: Global Trendsetters

Known for developing nail styles and techniques that later spread throughout the world, the island nation understands the connection between nail art and fashion.  Gel nails are popular, and the Japanese gel application technique may soon arrive in the United States.


Step-by-steps form Gelish.

Signature Services

Step-by-steps for a Petal Pedicure.

Foodie Fingernails

Nail tech Sarah Kane demonstrates how to execute nail art inspired by things we eat.

Nail Art Studio

Step-by-steps on new nail art designs.

Pedicure Storage Gets Smart

Bulky pedicure stations can often take up crucial square footage, especially for the mobile manicurist or small salon.  Fortunately, these nail techs and manufacturers have found clever ways to cut down on wasted space.  From custom-built pedicure thrones to stackable bowls, there's a space-conscious option for everyone.

Boutique: Organic and Vegan

We've put together a collection of items that are sure to please those clients who care about keeping it natural.  All products featured are vegan and/or organic, and your clients can rest assured that no creatures were hurt in their making.


What are your best tips for recycling and "greening" your salon?

Time to Get Organized

Since we all know that time is money, planning your day wisely can not only keep your clients happy, but also keep your business running smoothly.  By organizing your time, you ensure that you will never fall too far behind in terms of both clients and profits.

Salon Profile: Mindful Service, Soothing Rituals Set the Tone at Well Manicured

Salon owner Melanie McCulley understands that getting your nails done isn't just a get in, get out deal - it's a full body experience.  At Well Manicured in Hermosa Beach, Calif., the emphasis is on the whole person.

Something to Talk About: Cuticles

A Day in the Life of a Nail Expert

In this month's column, Dr. Stern discusses the different reasons pseudomonas infections may develop on clients' nails and what to do about it if they do.

Heathly Tech Q & A: Lisa DeLegge

Health issues are not always visible to other people.  This month's Healthy Tech Lisa DeLegge has never had a weight problem, but she felt out of shape and ready to take on a healthier lifestyle.  Find out how she did just that.


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