NAILS Magazine - April 2008

If you have any doubt about whether you're a booth renter or employee, read our article on classification. Plus, in honor of Earth Day, we've got 17 ways to reduce your salon's carbon footprint. There's more! 12 ways to market to men, a close look at jojoba, new products, and nail art how-tos.

Features in this issue: 

Spin the Wheel! [Playing the Classification Game]

For years many salons have incorrectly labeled their independent contractors and may have put themselves at risk of having the IRS reclassify their workers, subjecting them to back taxes and penalties. Find out if you’re doing things correctly or if you’re just spinning the wheel and seeing were it lands.

Go Green Lite [17 Ways to Reduce Your Salon’s Carbon Footprint]

Think you can’t go green in your salon? Think again. The trendy “green lite” movement takes environmentalism to a do-able level, providing you with small – but effective – ways to do your part in helping the environment.

12 Things You Can Do To Attract the Manly Market

Bringing more men into your salon can be easier than you think. With a few small tweaks to your existing salon space and service menu, a male-friendly environment could be just a beer away.

Back Where I Belong

What happens when techs leave the business only to realize they miss their first love? Meet some techs who re-entered the nail industry after a long absence and see how they rebuilt their business and dealt with changes in the industry.

Step-by-steps from Orly and en Vogue.

YouTube Training: YouTube opens up a world of free training techs can access whenever they need a helping hand.

Signature Services Vanilla Latte Manicure and Citrus Sensation Manicure.

Retail Boutique features Fragrances, an assortment of roll-on and solid fragrances that travel easy and smell great.

Reader to Reader: Should a salon keep its menu basic or include multiple lists of service options?

Secret Ingredient: A closer look at Jojoba

When Your Client Is Expecting: You can add to the joy – and relieve the discomforts – when clients are pregnant.


NAILS Magazine - April 2008