NAILS Magazine - 2016 Career Handbook

From the makers of NAILS Magazine comes the 2016 NAILS Career Handbook, a helpful guide for nail instructors to pass out to students and recent graduates. A perennial favorite, this annual magazine teaches fledgling manicurists how to ace a job interview, fill their chair, steer clear of expensive state board fines, and so many other tips and guides on the real salon world.


Starting Your Career

From passing your state board exam to acing your interview to guidance on what to look for in your first job, this section helps you figure out what you need to know when you are just getting started

21 Tips for Test-Takers

Know Your Compensation Options

How to Ace Your Interview

First Nail Salon Job Checklist

Building Your Business

Now that you have a job, you want to know how you can fill your chair.  This section shows you how to reach out to clients and build your clientele.

67 Ways to Fill Your Chair in 6 Months

Advertising in the Age of Information Overload

Honing Your Skills

From understanding what it means to keep you and your clients safe to troubleshooting some of the most frequent causes of nail service breakdown, this section fine-tunes your skills.

The 10 Worst Things a Nail Tech Can Do

Keep It Clean

Fine-Free for Life

Sitting Pretty

Expanding Your Horizons

You've got the job and the clients, and now you want to know how to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in the nail industry.  This section includes financial advice and a list of online resources to help you in your journey.

Start Saving Now for the Future

NAILS Online Resources


On My Mind

Ad Index

Roundup: What Life Lessons Has Doing Nails Taught You?


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NAILS Magazine - 2016 Career Handbook
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