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NAILS Magazine - April 2012

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In This Issue:


Males Who Do Nails
With a growing number of men opting to pay bills and forge careers form behind a nail table, NAILS takes a look at some male techs to find out what they think of their chosen profession and how they’re making it in a female-dominated industry.

25 Ways to Market on a Budget
With some creativity and a healthy dose of legwork, it’s possible to market yourself well even without a big advertising budget. Take these tips from techs and personalize them to work for you.

Anatomy of a Green Salon
In Studio City, Calif., ROB|B Salon has earned the distinction of being the first ever nail salon to be certified as environmentally and energy efficient by the U.S. Green Building Council. With the leadership of architect Richard Best, the salon earned a Silver certification by prestigious LEED standards. Here’s how it earned its distinction, including ideas you can implement in your own salon.

Fantastic Foot Soaks
From liquid pumps with anti-fungal properties to jasmine-tinged fizzy tablets that refresh and rehydrate feet, here’s the latest on the nail industry’s top pedicure soaks.

  • Demos
       Step-by-steps from LCN and Tip Jar
  • Signature Services
       Step-by-steps for a Sweet Orange Creamsicle Pedicure
  • Behind the Scenes
       Find out how to do the nails that are on this month’s cover.

  • Nail Art Studio
       Step-by-steps on new nail art designs.
  • Book Excerpt: Joey’s Nail Novel
       Award-winning nail artist Joey Chen publishes 40-step-by-steps in a variety of nail media in this new release.
  • Boutique: Eco-Friendly Kitchenware
       From recyclable beverage glasses to organic soaps in your bathroom, if your products are sustainable and cute, everyone will be wondering where you shop – and you can point them in the direction of your retail space.

  • Reader to Reader
       Should you fire an employee for bad mouthing the salon?
  • Is Your Salon Cell-Free?
       As smartphones become more popular, salon owners find themselves forced to develop a salon cell phone policy. Will you make uour salon phone-friendly or cell-free?
  • Salon Profile
       After a successful career as a makeup artist, Vancouver salon owner Mika Morris segued into nails. Social media, creativity, and flexibility helped this beauty industry entrepreneur rise to the top.

  • Under the Microscope: Koilonychia
       Also known as spoon nails, Koilonychia is an abnormality o the nail that causes it to be flat or concave and the outer edges of the nail to flare out.
  • A Feast for the Feet (or Hands)
      &nsp;Foot staples in your kitchen can be blended to create scrubs or masks to personalize any mani or pedi.
  • Secret Ingredient: Glitter
    &nsp;&nsp;&nsp;A closer look at flecks of colored and reflective plastic used for nail art.
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