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NAILS Magazine - November 2013

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In This Issue:


Crack Down on Grime
When client health and salon reputation are on the line with every service, it’s important to know the ins and outs of tool disinfection like the back of your hand. Shoo away bacteria with proper products and protocol.

The Stuff of Artists
Have you ever come across a tech whose nail art belongs in galleries? NAILS talked to six artist-turned-manicurists (and vice versa!) who have done it all from tattooing to oil painting.

Bursting the “Too Busy” Bubble
Employees these days aren’t taking their vacation days… or even their lunch breaks. How can nail salons capture this time-strapped clientele?

Bring These Home for the Holidays
You’re already making your clients feel more relaxed and ready to take on the holiday season, so why not make their lives even better by simplifying their shopping? Stock these items in your salon so clients can grab and go on their way to parties or gift exchanges.

  • Demos
        Step-by-steps from Orly and Repêchage
  • Signature Services
        Step-by-steps for an Almond Joy Manicure and a Karma Rosemary Mint Pedicure
  • Behind the Scenes
        Find out how to do the nails that are on this month’s cover.

  • Nail Art Studio
        Step-by-Steps on new nail art designs.
  • A Cornucopia of Thanks
        The cornucopia (or horn of plenty) is a symbol of abundance and nourishment and is a common sight at Thanksgiving tables across the United States. Here’s how seven nail techs interpret the cornucopia and what Thanksgiving means to them.
  • Agency Secrets
        Ever dream big about doing nails on the cover of Vogue? Perhaps you want to be the next Naja Rickette or Tom Bachik, dressing the digits of Hollywood’s finest. If you’re a nail artist who is ambitious enough, anything is possible. Having an agent can help make your dreams a reality that much faster.
  • Boutique: Thanksgiving Table Settings
        Create a Thanksgiving table display in your salon complete with the necessities for dinner – minus the turkey and yams – that your clients are able to purchase.

  • Reader to Reader
        Should the salon owner do nails herself?
  • Do You Put Clients Last?
        Author and businessman Joseph Callaway points out 10 ways well-meaning business owners may be selling their customers short – and shares the deceptively simple solution to erasing these habits once and for all.
  • Salon Profile
    Since 1996, J Nails has overcome challenges to take care of its clients and employees to provide a solid future for the salon.

  • Under the Microscope: Haglund’s Deformity
        A bony growth on the side of the heel, Haglund’s deformity is often the result of wearing hard inflexible shoes.
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