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NAILS Magazine - January 2013

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In This Issue:


Cover Tech 2013: Mining for Metals
Readers just fell in love with Hillary Fry’s edgy image. Take a look at all the incredible images that vied for the winning spot in this year’s Cover Tech Contest, as well as some other great entries that caught our eye. Thank youi to all who entered an all who voted.

173 Tips From Readers
Looking for a few fresh ideas to try out in the new year? From what to look for in a new hire to ways to keep your customers happy – we’ve got you covered.

Steal These Storage Solutions
Organization may not be your forte, but with these clever storage ideas, you’ll feel – and look – like a natural.

Secrets to a Long-Lasting Salon
What happens when two recent nail graduates interview a handful of veteran salon owners to find out the secrets to a long-lasting salon? They were privy to a host of knowledge from a combined 132 years of salon experience. Here they share it with you.

A Day in the [Healthy] Life of a Nail Technician
We all know we should be as healthy and active as possible, but with jobs that require lots of sitting, it can be a challenge to make the time and possess the discipline to keep the body working in tip-top shape. In the fall of 2012, NAILS sent an online poll to its readers to get a glimpse into the everyday health habits of nail technicians. Here’s what you said.

  • Demos
        Step-by-steps from Light Elegance and Beautiful Nails by Kupa
  • Signature Services
        Step-by-steps for a Vitamin C Infusion Pedicure and a Sublime Bliss Pedicure
  • A Midwinter Night’s Dream
        Dorota Palicka of Ibiza Sun Salon in Fort William, Scotland, uses small pinching clamps to hold the form of her flawless C-curves. Add just a little touch with a nail art brush to create a serene tree landscape that brings these snowy stilettos to life.
  • Tricks of the Trade
        After winning a Beauty Changes Lives student competition, Marinello Schools of Beauty student Cheyanne Birchall was awarded a day of mentorship with CND co-founder Jan Arnold. They both share their experiences attending Beauty Buzz 2012 in Detroit.

  • Nail Art Studio
        Step-by-steps on new nail art designs
  • ”Awesome Nail Tech"
        Nancy Dodd sent us an e-mail - subject line “awesome nail tech” – a few months ago, singing the praises of S. Maria Chheo-Shen who has influenced her life via YouTube tutorials and Facebook nail giveaways.
  • Boutique: Private Label Retail
        To use in your treatments or sell on the shelves of your retail section, private-label products are a sure way to impress customers. Peruse our collection and find something you’d be proud to put your name on.

  • Reader to Reader
        Are you still loyal to the product brands you learned with in nail school?

  • Under the Microscope: Pincer Nails
        With pincer nails, an excessive curvature of the nail plate causes the nail to pinch into the soft tissue of the surrounding skin.
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