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NAILS Magazine - July 2013

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In This Issue:


Are You Pedi Ready?
Pedicures are one of the most common nail salon services and are only becoming more desirable with the inclusion of new, lavish elements from sea salts to essential oils to customizable scents. Take a look at these pedicure systems available to nail techs and see what will keep clients coming back.

Press Release Writing for the Non-PR Pro
If you’ve ever seen a nail salon mentioned in your city magazine or on the local TV news and thought, “I wish they’d feature my salon,” we think it’s time to make your wish come true. Use our template to e-mail out a salon announcement that will have the media shouting “Extra! Extra! Check out this unique salon!”

A Decal Declaration
With advanced technology, the ultra-thin quality of today’s decals allows for product layering, and you can even incorporate them into your own designs. They’re easy to use and a great way to give your clients exciting nail art with reduced service time. Ranging from full coverage to subtle trimmings, there’s a decal out there for everyone.

Oh My, How We’ve Changed
In many ways, our industry has changed over the last 30 years, but some things never change. We talked to 15 industry manufacturers who have been involved in the nail industry since at least the 1980s to get their take on what has changed and what’s stayed the same.

Red, White and True Blue
Get patriotic right down to your clients’ fingertips. Encourage your clients to stand independently and sport festive nails this Fourth.

  • Demos
        Step-by-steps from CND and Erica’s ATA
  • Signature Services
        Step-by-steps for a Coconut Papaya Pedicure and a Lavender Apple Pie Seasonal Pedicure
  • Chill Out
        Sometimes a service in 100-degree temps is more about escaping the heat than it is about getting glammed up. Consider offering your clients cool-down services this season that combine relaxation and nail sophistication.
  • Behind the Scenes
        Find out how to do the nails that are on this month’s cover.

  • Nail Art Studio
        Step-by-Steps on new nail art designs.
  • 3-D Rose Tutorial
        Akzéntz educator and owner of Gel Essentialz Salon in Cranston, R.I., Gina Silvestro, show how she makes a delicate 3-D flower in white using Akzéntz Gel Art Powder.
  • Boutique: Retail for a Cause
        Make a difference by offering charity retail items in your salon. Proceeds support everything from cancer research to the environment.

  • Reader to Reader
        Do you partner with local businesses in order to ensure joint success?
  • Putting a Lid on Gossip
        Salons buzz with people - clients, vendors, and coworkers. It’s hard to prevent gossip-mongering with so many personalities around. But nail salon owners need to keep tabs on this beast if they want their businesses to run smoothly.

  • Under the Microscope: Onychauxis
        In and of itself, Onychauxis – or thick nails – poses no danger to a client, but it often indicates a larger problem.
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