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NAILS Magazine - January 2014

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In This Issue:


Cover Tech Contest 2014: Tj Perfect Puzzle
We tallied your votes and nail tech Miki Nakano of Nail Salon Ciel in Tokyo took top honors this year with her on-so-pretty puzzle image. Congratulations to Nakano, and to runners-up Janina Lumous, Lenzi Brock and Melanie McCulley. A giant thank you goes out to everyone who entered.

Would You Rather…?
We asked our readers 20 questions focused on the hilarious, strange, and trying moments no nail tech ever wants to face. When “neither” isn’t option, see what was said. The results might shock you!

I Survived a State Inspection
We don’t know anyone who enjoys a visit from the state inspector, but we’ve learned it’s often not as bad as we imagined. These techs tell their survival stories.

From Blogger to Beauty Professional
It’s hard to ignore the presence of bloggers in the nail industry. Did you know that a good number of these nail enthusiasts are actually professionals and that many of them made the decision to go to nail school after establishing their blogs? Learn how a tiny corner of the Internet encouraged these nail lovers to become licensed nail techs.

Misclassification – the Ultimate Nightmare
It is a true, life-changing story that can easily happen to anyone who is not classifying salon personnel correctly in the eyes of the government. You probably think you know the rules about employment classifications, but you’re probably wrong.

How to Open a Nail Salon When…
These five tales of survival prove that timing isn’t everything. Hard work and determination can make almost any reason for delaying the fulfillment of career goals seem like a paltry excuse. Take inspiration from these salon owners to surmount your obstacles in 2014.

  • Demos
        Step-by-steps from LCN and Alessandro
  • Signature Services
        Step-by-steps for a Simply Sweet Ice Cream Manicure and a Signature Cappuccino-Espresso Spa Pedicure
  • Art Deco for New Year’s Eve
        Find out how to give your clients a chic manicure to welcome 2014.
  • Keeping the Tech’s Nails Intact
        NAILS asked seasoned nail technicians to tell us the most valuable ways they keep their own manicures looking good despite the wear and tear of the job.

  • Nail Art Studio
        Step-by-Steps on new nail art designs.
  • He’s Always Been…Mysterious
        Christian Mans shows you how to get the look behind his winning nails for NAILS Next Top Nail Artist’s Week 2 challenge sponsored by Entity.
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